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I had the chance to participate in one course organized by Kamila on dental photography. It was actually the first time I was going for a hands course abroad. I remember it like a very interesting experience on many levels. The organisation, the program and the way everything was taken care of and was really professional. Kamila has this really nice ability to organise really interesting events in the best way possible with the perfect balance between the opportunity to learn with high-value experts, to meet great people in a really nice working and also friendly atmosphere.

Dr Ali Salehi DDS

Paulo Monteiro’s course was a great inspiration to my photographic journey. Paulo shares all his information freely and is both a talented photographer and excellent clinical dentist and he is modest too. Paulo’s course is highly recommended for anyone wanting to improve their photographic skills.

Phil Eisenberg BDS
United Kingdom

Loved the course; brilliant lecturer and to the point, highly recommended.

Saeid Haghri BDS Hons c. (Lond) Dip (Prim) MJDF RCS (Eng)
United Kingdom

I attended Dr Paulo Monteiro’s course for dental photography and compared to the other photography courses I visited, this one was simply marvelous. It was a thorough, very well-organised and excellently supported day for those wishing to extend their photography skills or even for complete beginners. The lecture and hands on were presented by an outstanding and extremely experienced dental professional.

Dr Monteiro is a very gifted speaker with extensive knowledge and practical skills. It was a full day of entertainment with lots of new information and useful tips for everyday dentistry and more. The organiser chose a lovely venue with delicious meals and refreshment drinks and all the participants enjoyed themselves very much. Sugar lips, soft box, playing with light and colours – it was very enjoyable and fascinating.

I would give this course 5 stars and would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn or improve their skills in dental photography.

Maria Kocisova BDS
United Kingdom