ADC is an inspirational project that came as an idea when I was in the final months of university. Holding a dental diploma in my hands I realized that it’s just a beginning of my education life. I started to attend courses around the world (this showed me that dentistry, can have life-changing impacts, on patients life) and besides new knowledge and skills, it’s also let me meet beautiful, very motivated, ambitious dentists that love dentistry with a passion.

This Passion to a different vision, to do something new, helped me to become country chairperson and media director at ESCD, where I’m proudly a team member from 2013. In 2014 was theĀ first dental course that I organised together with VIC clinic in Vilnius, Lithuania with an invited speaker and member of ESCD and DSD speaker Simone Vaccarl. It was the first brick in my organisation skills and since then I’m happy to bring international speakers and to run dental courses in London.

Education is a lifetime journey and I hope ADC could be the part of your journey!